Thinking of switching your home or office lighting to LED? Well, this is something that should already be on every ones to do list. Why? Because it is more economical in terms of energy usage, which in turn will save you money!

For example one 5w LED bulb offers you the same brightness as a 50w halogen bulb, while using a fraction of the energy. Put into a different scenario you could power ten 5watt LED bulbs instead of just one 50w halogen bulb.

Why then does such a seemingly simple task seem such a daunting thought for many?

The truth is that many of the earlier models of LED’s on the market rarely lived up to expectations. The cost of these didn’t make them very economical either. This is to be expected from any new technology. Think about earlier cellular phone devices in comparison to the models available now.

In recent years developments made in the field of LED have allowed us to get more light output at lower prices. LED’s are now cheaper and more efficient than ever. This makes switching over to LED lighting very doable. So much so that countries such the US, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico and Vietnam have already scheduled incandescent lamps to be phased out.

South Africa is no different having committed to phasing out incandescent lamps by 2016. Doing so will allow South Africa to electrify over four million more homes with the power saved. *

So do the right thing, stop procrastinating. Change those bulbs and start saving today! In case you need a little more motivation check out our LED BULB SPECIALS!

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